In this English eBook you will learn everything about the story function of Facebook. It will explain to you exactly how you can use Facebook Stories correctly for your company in order to win new customers and generate reach. Along with Instagram, Facebook is one of the largest social networks of our time and is therefore essential for your company.


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  1. Facebook Stories
  2. How Big Is Facebook Stories?
  3. Why the Massive Number Matters if You are a Business Owner
  4. How Facebook Stories Benefits a Business
  5. Facebook Stories
  6. Exclusivity Can Be A Good10
  7. When a Facebook contact has shared a story, What Happens?
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As a matter of fact, right now, businesses are working on ways to market themselves through Facebook Stories, a new app from the popular social media giant. With this feature, users can upload photos or videos that can last for 24 hours.

These messages can be viewed up to two times, which is why many people consider Facebook Stories as the company’s social media answer to SnapChat. The new feature will also be available to Facebook users on mobile and desktop based on Pages they follow or Like under the Stories section of their accounts. With that in mind, here is a look at how business can benefit from Facebook Stories. The broad compatibility is actually what makes stories so important for businesses.

In the past, Facebook Stories was not available to all Pages. But although the Facebook Stories is a relatively new feature, it brings with it compelling features that should make it a lucrative proposition for any business that takes social media marketing seriously.

How Big Is Facebook Stories

When people get on Facebook, they expect that their friends will have shared photos and videos; which is why Facebook Stories has been such a hit.

Facebook Stories
As we speak, daily Instagram Stories users are over 250 million. A similar figure has been reported among Whats App users; and on Messenger, 70 million are already using the trendy new feature. The number of users on the platform already give it all the resources it needs to make it an ample source of customers for businesses willing to advertise their products and services.
So, although the number of months the Facebook Stories feature has been in existence make it seem like a fresh and untested way to stay connected online, it is not something the business world can ignore.


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